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My Biggest Challenges as A Mom

We all know that motherhood is not easy but also the most rewarding title. I was asked recently what my biggest challenge has been. To be honest I did not know how to answer and took 24 hours before I responded.

I have realized the hardest challenge was me losing myself. As women we tend to put everything first before ourselves. We have these babies and they become our life. We suffer mentally, physically, and emotionally and not knowing why.

Everyday is not easy, I still have my days when I am overwhelmed but I have learned how to go with the flow and allow the universe do its thing.

Best advice I can give is do what makes you feel good! If going to get your hair or makeup done will do it, go ahead! I have decided to pamper myself more often than not just because how it makes me feel. I love music, it makes me feel good. I will find a song or playlist for every moment and it allows me to mentally release. Our roles as mothers will flow when we are mentally stable and at peace, that's what makes us "SUPER MOMS." Find out what gives you serenity and choose to be HAPPY. We got this.

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