Women History Month Giveaway Winner

During the month of March I decided to do a contest where I would be able to connect with different women and hear their stories of how they are able to juggle everyday life with motherhood. I had very few submissions but when I came across this mother's story, I could not help but want to share. I was immediately taken by all the challenges this young mother has faced and still is effortlessly able to execute daily.

Lakisha Wylie, a North Carolina resident, is currently a stay at home mom of an 11 year old and 2 year old twins. Just like most moms within the last year she became a full time teacher as everything became virtual due to the pandemic on top of all the other hats we currently wear as a mother. The difference in Lakisha's story is she was also fighting triple negative metastatic breast cancer.

Diagnosed in 2019, her life went for a whirlwind. She had just given birth to her twins Lyric and Lennox and immediately had to start chemotherapy. The doctors said that Lakisha would not be able to care for her children and would need help, so she called her mother. Once her mother stepped in to assist they quickly realized that the doctor was wrong. After weeks of chemotherapy Lakisha was still able to move around freely and did not have any side effects. With her continuous faith in God, she pushed through and still till this day has no side effects and there is no evidence of disease!

When asked what her biggest challenge of being a mommy was she stated that having the ability to focus on herself while also taking care of her kids, healing, and maintaining her health which is the obvious priority can get challenging. "It takes time and patience trying to balance it all while still trying to find time for my goals and working on my passion projects." Also she stated that not having much time to herself has also become a challenge. The trips to the grocery store or usual errands have become her "me time" and moments to unwind and have some sort of peace without her children.

I also asked Lakisha what her biggest strength was and what advice she would give other mommies and she casually stated, "her biggest strength and advice is having patience because so many unexpected things can happen when it comes to kids and taking care of them. We must be prepared at all times and be able to perform our motherly duties. Plan out your days whether its a week in advance or a day in advance the night before and it helps make things run smoother. When planning find out what works best for you, which is so important and I am just really starting to understand that. I actually just began using index cards to plan my days out and my goals, its become an game changer."

"Ever since my diagnoses I look at life differently, I've become nicer, I do not take anything for granted, and I find joy in the smaller things. This journey has allowed me to live in the present moment, remain grounded, and grateful.I just want to be able to bring peace, love and light to all the mommies out there who may be reading this."

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